My Paris Trip Inspiration!

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HiP-Paris-Blog-Julien-Hausherr-Deyrolle-1 DEYROLLE_1694283a    Picture 4

In two weeks I will be going to Paris and Amsterdam. Here is a small collection I have made as inspiration for my trip. If you have any recommendations for Paris please comment! I know I also must go to markets  & do lots of walking and of course, visit The Eiffel Tower!

♥ Paris at night. Photo: Sandra Beijer

♥  Mama Shelter – A hotel with an amazing looking bar and restaurant too. I am here for a few nights and am so excited! They have also created a very handy and exciting looking guide that I will definitely dig into for food and drink recommendations especially!

♥ The Eiffel Tower. Photo: Gala Darling.

♥  Joli deli – I found this sweet looking deli recommended somewhere (where, escapes me!). Cute decor and sweet looking snacks.

Deyrolle – A place to go for Taxidermy heaven, it looks incredible! This is probably my top place to go! Photos: Hip Paris.

This guide on Design Sponge has lots of Paris recommendations which look great.

Laudree Macarons – Oh god, want to eat them all. Photo from here.

The Museum of Natural History – As a huge animal and museum fan, this looks like a total must :’)

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